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Building your Social Media Community Rocket Ship - an Interview with Mike Stelzner

Jose Albis interviews Mike Stelzner Author of Launch

Building a successful Social Media Community is the most valuable asset for your business. “How do I do that?” is one of the most often asked and misunderstood issue for Business owners and online Marketers today.

Mike Stelzner, Founder of Social Media Examiner and author of his new book “Launch” discusses his principles and explains in depth ‘How To’ approach to building your social media community. His experience comes via a Magna Cum Laude from the School of Hard Knocks’- practical real world experience.

He explains how to use his Elevation Principle to launch your business like a Rocket Ship. The formula is:

Fuel + Fire-Starters – Marketing Commercials = Trust = Growth


In order to attract and maintain your audience you must offer valuable Fuel via delivering great content and ideas. You need your audience to build Trust in your company and brand. How to develop that Fuel via using your best resources and whether to give it for free, is discussed at length. Surveying Industry leaders, customers and prospects will deliver valuable information for your valuable Fuel.


Attracting Industry Experts to talk about your content and to share with their networks is crucial to success. They will be your Fire-Starters and enhance both the speed and attraction to your community. Allow these experts to help you build the trust in your company before you start selling. Recognition of their success and value to the conversation will further build Trust and community

-Marketing Commercials

How much effort and how long to invest before reaping the rewards is a tricky question. Determining when to stop giving great content for free and start selling your product or service will have a direct impact on your long-term success. When you start selling your audience may disengage, so finding the correct balance and timing is crucial.


Finding your audience, engaging them meaningfully and building their trust before you sell them will ensure their long-term participation. Recognition of your customers and community will continue to build trust and brand advocates for your business.


Growth requires understanding, setting metrics to measure your success, and to deliver real value to your community. Building a successful Social Media Rocket Ship takes time, effort and continual improvement. However, the long-term value will deliver a very positive return on investment to your business.

Return to +Fuel. And repeat.


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