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How to Email Facebook (and other tips from Seattle F8 2011) - The Story


Contacting Facebook is almost impossible. Imagine being one of thousands trying to make human contact every day with The Social Network. One sure way we discovered, however, was to go in person. It was a priceless, fascinating trip. And we returned with a deeper understanding of Facebook beyond expectation. 

The Facebook Mistake Your Fans May Enjoy a Lot...and Unlike!

Facebook News Feed Posting Mistake

When it comes to posting on Facebook, there are many guidelines around being effective. When a mistake is made, the consequence is often only the wasting of time or an opportunity lost. However, some guidelines can save your organization from embarrassment and a significant loss of brand reputation and equity.

How to track clicks from Twitter by region (and more) - using Google Analytics and Hootsuite


Where are the people clicking my links located? How can I measure my campaign using location and time? Good tracking systems can help you make better business decisions and can give you a better description of your audience. Here are a couple ways you can track and measure your Twitter link traffic in more detail.

This method has three components - Google Tool: URL BuilderGoogle Analytics and any URL Shortener (in this case we'll use Hootsuite's